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Terminator 2 Online Slots

Terminator 2 is now featured at the Canadian online casino - if you loved your casino play before, Terminator 2 will move you light-years forward!  You can spin for real money prizes while you follow the exploits of John, Sarah and T-1000 as they race against time to save the human race. The Terminator 2 Canadian online slots is based on the popular film of the same name. Good battles evil as T-1000 battles the new, menacing Terminator.

Terminator 2 is available as a Download Casino game which you can play on your PC and as a mobile game which you can play on your handheld smartphone or tablet device. You might want to play Terminator 1 first to get into the mood or you can go straight to the Terminator 2 game in the games lobby and start to play Terminator 2 for real money prizes.

Canadian Online Casino

The Canadian online casino offers Terminator 2 in two modes. If you want to play for free to practice the game or review the stages and the rules, you can sign into the Free Mode and play for free. When you're ready to play for real money prizes, navigate to the Real Mode and make a deposit to start playing for real.

As you open the game, film clips and game symbols will start to appear on the screen, preparing you for the excitement to come. As the game begins you'll see Terminator 1 who has returned from the future. He is charged with protecting John Conner from the wrath of the Machines who are now ruling the earth. John has been identified by the Machines as the future leader of the Resistance. John is destined to lead the opposition and bring down the Machines' rule and they have decided to kill him before he grows old enough to challenge their rule.

The Machines are counting on the new, evil Terminator who, they believe, can track John down and eliminate him. As the new Terminator begins his search for John, old Terminator arrives to help John and his mother Sarah evade the enemy.

Win on Online Slots

In order to win on online slots you'll need to spin the reels and create completed pay ways. Every time that you create a completed combination, you earn a payout. Terminator 2 is a 243 Ways to Win game so you don't need to enable paylines in order for your combination to be counted as a win. Any combination of three matching symbols, where the first symbol occurs on the leftmost reel, will earn you a payout. It doesn't even matter whether the symbol emerges on the top, middle or bottom of the reels, as long as they occur on adjacent reels. This feature is known as 243 Ways to Win and is a popular slots element, giving players more opportunities to create more wins.

Slots Symbols

As the slot machine's sound track plays the suspenseful music of Terminator 2 Online Slots you'll make your way through the levels. It's hard to know whether you're in the past, the present or the future as time travel combines with the slot machine's themes of adventure, intrigue and science fiction. Young John, his mother, T-1000 and the new Terminator fill the screen along with traditional slots symbols of card suit symbols.

You'll be able to observe the robotic animations, 3D graphics and clips from the Terminator 2 film which appear on the screen to complement the metallic overlays which set the scene for the futuristic battle.  

As you spin the reels you'll enter a dark and foreboding world of the future where machines rule and humans obey. As the upgraded Terminator tracks John, the Old Terminator will be there by John's side to protect him and his mother. Regardless of whether you're playing on your PC or your mobile device you'll experience a genuine Las Vegas casino event right on your screen.  

Terminator 2 Bonuses

In addition to the regular symbols of this spellbinding online slot machine there are special symbols which provide you with extra chances to create winning pay ways and extra chances to multiply your wins.  

T2 is the Wild symbol, substituting for other symbols to complete combinations and giving you more chances to complete your pay ways. Winning T2 combinations occur whenever multiple T2 icons appear simultaneously on a pay way. 

The Orb is the Scatter. Whenever 2 or more Orbs appear simultaneously they create a winning scatter combination. If the T-800 Vision feature triggers you'll only need 1 scatter symbol to activate the Free Spins.

Free Spins on Terminator 2

When 3 scatter symbols appear concurrently during the regular game, or one scatter symbol during the T-800 Vision round, the free spins game activates. During the Free Spins game you receive 10 free spins and if the Hot Mode feature appears your win percentage increases.

During the Free Spins the T-1000 symbol may appear. If it does, it transforms, signaling that you've won the highest payout on the spin that triggered its appearance.

During Free Spins game the 243 Ways to Win feature becomes a 1024 Ways to Win feature, giving you more payout opportunities than ever.

T-800 Vision Feature

The Bonus T-800 Vision feature emerges randomly, both during the regular game and during the Free Spins round. When this feature activates, payouts multiply whenever John, Sarah, T-1000 or T-800 appear.