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Jurassic Park Online Slots

The Jurassic Park adventure continues with the energetic, real money Jurassic Park Online Slots game, now available at the Canadian online casino. Jurassic Park was one of the most popular movies of all time and it's now a vibrant Canadian online slots event for real money gaming.

Jurassic Park was created by a wealthy mogul who wanted to build an island paradise for dinosaurs. He left his scientists in charge in his effort to create a breathtaking theme to capture a world that once was.

Jurassic Park began with the closing of a pterosaur but that cloning got out of hand, resulting in the island being overrun by dinosaurs. Now you can also join the battle for John and his guests' survival as the island visitors struggle against the prehistoric creatures. Come journey to this amazing island where you will experience the thrill of the captivating environment of Jurassic Park adventure with Jurassic Park Online Slots.

Gaming Platforms

If you seek high-energy gambling entertainment, Jurassic Park Online Slots is for you.  At your leisure, Jurassic Park is available on all casino platforms including the Flash Casino, the Download casino and the Mobile Casino, giving you the opportunity to play at any time and from any location at your convenience.

If you're at home you can download the casino software into your laptop or desktop PC and play slots online from the comfort of your living room armchair. If you're traveling you can stop at any airport or hotel computer terminal and open the casino on the Internet browser to play for real money prizes.

Jurassic Park Thrills

The Jurassic Park slots game follows the thrilling story of John Hammond and his guests as they visit his island theme park., Along with his two grandchildren, John Hammond has invited four individuals to join him at Jurassic Park. But does everything go to plan? When one of the parks' own workers attempts to steal the dinosaur embryos and has to shut down critical security systems in the process, it becomes a race for survival with treacherous creatures roaming all over the island. At every turn, there are challenges and new experiences that keep one in sheer anticipation.

Similarly your rewards and payout can be quite rewarding when you enter the world of Jurassic Park Online Slots. The casino games payouts are very good for real money wins. The online slot game attracts gamers who are fascinated by science and science fiction which keeps them engaged in the futuristic adventure theme as they spin for real money prizes. As you spin the reels of the blockbuster slots, the security system breaks down and you'll trail John, Ian, Alan, Ellie and Hammond as they endeavor to flee the chaos that follows.

243 Ways to Win

In Jurassic Park Online Slots there are 243 Ways to Win a game. You  don't need to enable paylines in order to reach winning combinations. Any completed combination, on any of the slot machine's 243 pay ways, earns you a payout. It makes no difference if the symbol appears on the bottom, top, middle or of the reel because any 3 symbols on 3 adjacent reels, with the first symbol on the left-most reel, will result in a real money win. Mathematicians have discovered that this type of slots gives you 243 potential wins on. every spin.

Special Features

Since the Jurassic Park Logo is the Wild Symbol on the Jurassic Park slot machine, it will act as a substitute for other symbols as it completes winning pay ways. Depicted by a black skeleton of a T-Rex displayed on a red background, this Logo also creates Wild Stacks for even more added substitution options. To complete more winning pay ways and draw more payouts, up to five wild symbols can display simultaneously on the same reel for more chances to make substitutions.

Jurassic Park Free Spins

When three scatter symbols appear during a regular game, the Jurassic Park free spin rounds activates and turns on. If the outcome of a spin results in the appearance of three or more mosquito-scatter symbols, you can play any of the bonus game’s features:

  • Veliciraptor Game -- The Velociraptor feature gives you twelve Free Spins which include Multiplier Wilds and Split Wilds.
  • Tyrannosaurus Game -- The Tyrannosaurus Rex game features twelve Free Spins with the inclusion of Wild Reels
  • Triceratops Game -- The Triceratops bonus game features 12 Free Spins which comprise Running Wild
  • Brachiosaurus Game -- The Brachiosaurus free spins game gives you 12 Free Spins with including the addition of a Mystery Multiplier.
  • Dilophosaurus  Game -- Engaging the Dilophosaurus free spins, awards you 12 Free Spins which incorporate Winning Wilds

    Bonus T-Rex Alert

    According to paleontologists, the T-Rex was the most awesome dinosaur that ever existed. The Jurassic Park slot machine features a T-Rex who randomly shows up on the reels. At whatever time T-Rex emerges, he distributes an additional 35 Wilds which keep on on the reels for the following six spins.

    All-in-all, Jurassic Park online slots provides all the excitement and thrills you enjoyed in the movie blockbuster.  So, rush on over to your favourite online casino to get in the action!