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Popular European Roulette Mobile

There are many types of mobile roulette offered at the Canadian mobile casino with the European Roulette Mobile being the most popular option. This is a game played with a European wheel that holds 37 pockets made up of numbers from 1-36 with the addition of a single zero pocket.

Players accustomed to casino play on their PC or laptop, will find it easy to access the mobile casino and mobile games directly.  Also those new to the world of online gaming, will find it convenient to access the mobile casino through their mobile web browser. Some mobile casinos offer to send a sms with a link or an email and even have a QR code that can be scanned for immediate access to the website of the casino. Once the casino is on the browser, the player is able to register immediately and take advantage of the many different bonus promotions and sign up offers that include matching the first deposits made by the player.

How to Play European Roulette Mobile

To play roulette on your mobile device is a simple task. The game is played in exactly the same way as the main online casino game. Players are invited to place bets on either the inside betting options or the outside betting options or both. The inside bets are bets in single numbers, two numbers side by side, three numbers together in a row or four numbers grouped together. Because these bets are harder to win, the odds for these bets are much higher than the outside bets. The outside bets are on groups of numbers such as all even numbers, all odd numbers, and the first eighteen numbers and so on. Most experienced players of roulette like to place bets on both inside and outside numbers giving the player more chances to win and thus more excitement.

Once the bets have been placed, the game commences when the wheel starts spinning. The mobile games are played on smaller screens but this does not detract from the magic of the spinning wheel.  Both the betting grid and the roulette wheel are brilliantly replicated on the mobile casino screen and despite the smaller screen, the magic of the game is still felt and enjoyed. The spinning wheel is very realistic and encourages players to watch and wait to see where the small ball will come to land and if the bet placed will be a winning bet.

Auxiliary Services with the European Roulette Mobile Game

The European Roulette Mobile game is offered at the mobile casino for Android users, iOS users (iPhone and iPad) and even Blackberry users. Players can try out the game for fun and practice before placing real money bets. When ready to place real money bets, the mobile casino offers a wide choice of deposit options that include, at some casinos, direct deposits from the mobile phone account. Other deposit options include major credit and debit cards together with third party deposit options all of which are 100% secure and encrypted leaving the player feeling secure in his gaming.

Customer service and support is available around the clock for all of the mobile games including the different types of mobile roulette. Everything is in place at the Canadian mobile casino to ensure that it is easy and convenient to play roulette on your mobile without any worries or added distractions. The game of roulette is a fun and exciting game with vivid graphics and excellent color that entices the player and actually gives him a feeling of being part of the game - sometimes he has to stop himself from touching the screen in an effort to touch the spinning wheel. The Canadian mobile casino is portable and accessible at all times of the day and night being a totally convenient and exciting option for playing mobile games and especially the European Roulette Mobile option.