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How to Access Blackjack Mobile

It is very simple and hassle free to play blackjack on your phone. Players can download the casino and game directly to their phone through the online casino or by accessing the website of the casino play through their mobile device's browser. Many online casinos that have mobile casinos associated with them offer an option of sending an sms or an email message directly to the player’s phone and some casinos even have a QR code that can be scanned and the casino opens immediately on the player’s web browser. Once the player has accessed the casino he can register immediately and within seconds start playing the Blackjack Mobile game.

Details How to Play Blackjack Mobile

The mobile casino offers a number of different variations of mobile Blackjack for Canadians. Each casino will detail the different mobile game options that are available. The rules to play blackjack on your phone are basically the same as the online casino game. Players can also try out the mobile and tablet games for fun and practice before they embark on the real money games.

The aim of blackjack is to get as close to the value of 21 as possible without going over, bust, hence losing the hand. Players, after placing their initial bet are dealt two cards face up. The dealer (casino) is dealt two cards also but one card is face up and one is face down. At this stage of the game the player can decide on a number of options. If both his cards hold the same value i.e. are two 10’s he can decide to split his hand. By splitting his hand, the player is in effect adding another hand to the game and with this another bet.

The player can also choose to double down. A double down involves adding an additional bet to the value of the original bet and receiving one more card in the hope that the player will win the round with that card. Players can also take out insurance on their hand if the dealers upturned card is an Ace. This is insurance against the dealer winning and means that the player only loses half of his bet placed. Once the player has decided on his move, he proceeds and the outcome of the game is determined.

Support and Service When Playing Blackjack Mobile

It is not difficult to play blackjack on your phone and the smaller screen does not detract in any way from the excitement of the game and of course the satisfaction that each player receives. The mobile and tablet devices are totally portable allowing the game of Blackjack Mobile to be played from anywhere and at any time of the day or night as long as the player has the right connections i.e. 3G, 4G or WIFI. The mobile blackjack game for Canadians is available for iPhone users, iPad users, Android users and even Blackberry users.

New players to the mobile game are welcomed to the casino and game with a generous sign up bonus offer that can be used towards the game of blackjack and there are many other special offers and promotions that the player can enjoy at the casino. Customer service and support is available around the clock offering players immediate support and help to any query they may have. Many of the mobile casinos are now offering players the option of making direct deposits through their mobile phone accounts in addition to many other secure and instant deposit options offered.

With all of the systems in place, the player can enjoy his mobile and tablet games in real time and with real money and real chances to win. Blackjack Mobile is one of the only mobile casino games where the decisions of the player have a direct impact on the outcome of the game, adding to the excitement and thrill of this game that is portable and convenient.