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The Avalon 2 Online Slots 

Avalon 2 Online Slots offers an exciting real money slots adventure with two bonus rounds and eight levels of interactive fun and thrills - if you enjoy your casino play, you're really going to enjoy this game!  As soon as you enter the slots machine you'll start on a wild adventure of intrigue and mysterious plotting with King Arthur and his Round Table entourage. According to legend Arthur, Merlin the Magician, Maid Marion and the Knights of the Round Table relocated to the Isle of Avalon after the Battle of Camlann in order to give Arthur time to recuperate from his battle wounds. Now King Arthur's knights are preparing Arthur for his return to his rightful place as King of England. The Avalon 2 Online Slots gives you a chance to play Canadian slots online for real money while you explore the world in which Arthur's Medieval exploits interact with 21st century technology. Throughout the online slots you'll encounter supernatural symbols and dynamic challenges including Wild symbols, Expanding Wilds, Scatters and an action-packed bonus round with eight exhilarating levels.   

Avalon 2 is a Canadian online casino 243 Ways to Win slot machine. All of the machine's pay ways are permanently enabled, meaning that you don't have to activate paylines to earn a payout when you complete a combination -- all wagers on a winning pay way result in a payout. Completed combinations are created whenever 3 symbols appear on 3 adjacent reels with the first symbol appearing on the leftmost reel. All Avalon 2 bets are multiplied by 30x -- for every coin that you bet, your win will earn you a 30 coin payout.

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The symbols in Avalon 2 appear as 21st century characters which display in full 3D mode.  Avalon 2 symbols include the incandescent Lady of the Lake – a ghostly figure who presents Arthur with his magic sword Excalibur, mystical magicians, evil villains, brave knights and a luminous maiden who quietly hovers over everyone as she observes the action below. 

The Avalon 2 Logo is the game's Wild symbol. This Wild substitutes for other symbols to create completed pay ways. The logo cannot substitute for the Lady of the Lake or the Grail symbols. The Logo icon creates its own winning combination whenever multiple Wilds emerge simultaneously across any pay way. If a combination is created with the inclusion of a Wild symbol it pays out separately. So, even if multiple winning combinations appear concurrently on a pay way, you still earn a separate payout for every combination. If one symbol creates multiple combinations on a pay way you receive the value equal to the highest combination payout.

Whenever the Lady of the Lake symbol emerges on the third reel she creates a Wild Symbol Stack in which her appearance triggers the stacking of Wild symbols, one on top of the other, to enable additional winning configurations.

The Grail symbol is the Avalon 2 scatter symbol. Whenever 2 or more scatter symbols appear simultaneously, scattered across the reels, they pay out special scatter wins. It doesn't matter whether the symbols appear on adjacent reels. You can calculate the scatter win by multiplying the payout for the scatter combination by the number of regular coins wagered. Scatter wins are added to regular wins and if you achieve both a regular win and a scatter win, you receive payouts for both wins.

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The Avalon 2 Online Slots features 2 rewarding bonus games, the Merlin Avalon 2 bonus game Game and the Grail Bonus Game.

The Merlin bonus round is activated randomly whenever Merlin appears on the reels during the regular game. When this happens, a random multiplier multiplies your existing payout value.  

The Grail bonus round triggers whenever 3 or more Grail icons emerge across the reels simultaneously. As you embark on the quest for the Grail symbol you'll make your way through 8 levels. After you successfully complete a level the slot machine takes you to the next level.

Grail Bonus game levels include:

Level One: Lake of Legend – you much match a dice value with the sword fragment 

Level Two:  Whispering Woods – you'll choose from 5 shields to reveal random multipliers

Level Three: Misty Vale – you receive 15 Free Spins with a Multiplier

Level Four: Dusky Moors—you match symbols from among 12 cards

Level Five: Forest Falls – you get free spins with a Trailing Wild

Level Six: Morgan's Keep – you get 20 Free Spins with Rolling Reels

Level Seven: Hall of Shadows – you must find the high multiple value in one of 3 fight scenes

Level Eight: Isle or Avalon – you get to spin the wheels and try to attain the bonus multiplier value

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Online casino bonus promotions give you match bonus gaming credits so you can play more Avalon 2 Online Slots for more time for free. If you're a new casino player you'll receive Welcome Bonus credits on your first week's deposits and if you're a veteran gambler you'll be entitled to collect monthly Loyalty Point credits every month. 

Your Avalon 2 played credits count towards your accumulated points that will bring you into the VIP Club where you can play for VIP prizes including luxury gifts, cashback deals, vacation packages and higher deposit and withdrawal limits.